Threat detector

No tech, No problem: Cyber Resilience Made Simple!

Risk and vulnerability level assessments come in different flavours.

However they all suffer from the same flaw: they present you with tech results that require an IT-professional to interpret. We do it differently. We do our magic, continuously present results, findings and recommendations in plain English, thereby enabling you to make better decisions and become more cyber resilient.

Our Services

Regular testing according to your needs

Your organisation faces risks, and we’re here to identify and address them. We start by gathering some basic information about your business, we call it a risk profile.

Your risk profile not only identifies vulnerabilities within your business but also guides us in determining the ideal frequency we run vulnerability tests for your system. This is influenced by factors such as the size of your business and the sensitivity of your stored data.

Rest assured, we offer an option that suits your organisation needs.


Resilience 2

Receive annual insights into your cyber security state and track your progress.


Resilience 12

Detect risks on a monthly basis, allowing you to address them regularly and monitor your progress consistently


Resilience 52

As your system undergoes constant updates, you can monitor them weekly to ensure maximum cyber resilience.


Resilience 365

Amid heavy system development? Stay vigilant by tracking daily cyber security risks, enabling prompt mitigation of any emerging threats.

Trust level

Attackers use the trust level you put in them

It’s easier to fall for a deceptive email from your bank than from an organisation you don’t have relationship with. The methods attackers employ to breach systems are linked to the level of trust you give them.

Understanding these factors is crucial in fortifying defenses against potential threats. Establishing the right trust level for your business testing is vital to effectively assessing risks and protecting assets from malicious actors.

Trust levels

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