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Web applications exists to inform people and to enable collaboration among them; hence it is vital that web applications are easily accessible. The question however is: “Accessible to whom?“. If your users belong to a well-defined group, e.g. employees, partners or dealers, an application which requires membership seems suitable. If however you have an application to advertise your services and company in general, a public website seems more appropriate.

By definition membership requires authentication, i.e. to access ‘members only‘ sites one needs to authenticate first. Although this may seem obvious for member sites, the same goes for public websites. You don’t want everyone to apply changes to your content, hence content editors will have to authenticate to obtain elevated privileges in both cases.

Each moment that privileges change is a potential risk. How do you know that only whitelisted persons authenticate? In reality, you probably don’t…

Intruder Prevention

Unfortunately, you can never fully prevent malicious people from trying to access your site. But you can make it hard, really hard. There are many ways to fortify your applications to keep malicious people out and we are here to help! Our Intruder Prevention Kit ensures that your application remains secure from unauthorized access. Not only do we put obstacles in their way, we also keep monitoring your applications for suspicious activity. Hence, even if things get bad, we will notice and defeat them.

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