Project Take Over

Started by someone else, we deliver. 

Project Take Over

Started by someone else, we deliver.

Seasoned IT Experts

We offer seasoned IT Experts with skills ranging from software development to system administration. Our people have broad technical knowledge, and they excel in Python, Java, Kotlin, Linux, Docker, Kubernetes, OpenShift and DevOps related technologies. We have people ranging from focused developers through creative architects that will make any long term project a success.

Started by someone else, we deliver. 

If you have new or changing requirements for projects done in the past and you are not happy with your current software integrator, we are here to help you out by taking over their work. We will do a fixed-budget discovery phase to learn all about your case, your requirements and the existing code base. Thereafter we are ready to deliver.

The Project Take Over Process

Step 1

Get in Touch

Fill in our contact form or call us.

Step 2

Present your Case

We will ask you questions about your business case to get a clear picture of your needs.

Step 3

Receive an Offer

We will make you an attractive offer.

Step 4

Close a Deal

We close a deal and get started.

Step 5

Discuss Requirements and Code

We dive deeply into your code and requirements.

Step 6


While we do our work, you get to relax and focus on your business.

Step 7

Continue Project

After completion of the discovery phase we quote you for implementing your new/changed requirements in your code base to move the project forward.

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