All you need to know about the new Cyber Security Directive NIS2


European cyber security legislation that impacts us all

What is NIS2?

The ‘Network and Information Security Directive 2‘ in short NIS2 is a European Union (EU) directive aimed at enhancing cybersecurity by establishing network and information security legislation for companies and organisation in the EU. It will become active by the end of 2024 and potentially will impact all companies and organisations.

What is NIS2’s impact?

The NIS2 directive is originally aimed at large companies in certain industries that are considered to be either ‘essential‘ or ‘important‘. However not only will these companies have to comply, but they should also assess their suppliers and vendors. And these companies and organisations have suppliers and vendors on their own they will need to assess.

In short NIS2 will affect the full supply chain.

This means that even if your an SME, micro company, NGO or small association you will have to take action at some point.

What do you need to do?

You need to become more cyber resilient. This means that you will have to become more aware of the information your organisation stores, how it is being processed and what the probabilities are that this information ends up in the wrong hands. To what extend you eventually need to lower the identified probabilities and how to do that, depends on multiple factors. In general small companies do not have to take all precautions that larger companies have to do.

Industries that are considered to be essential or important

  • Energy

  • Transport

  • Banking

  • Financial Market Infrastructure

  • Health

  • Drinking Water

  • Digital Infrstructure

  • Digital Service Provider

  • Food

  • Manufacturing

  • Postal & Courier

  • Providers of Public Electronic Communications Networks or Services

  • ICT Service Management

  • Waste Water

  • Waste Management

  • Public Administration

  • Space

  • Research

  • Chemicals

How may we help?

Proteon has a long track record in assisting companies and organisations to become cyber resilient. We are specialised in applying the good practices used by big companies to SMEs and micro companies.  By scoping the required information security needs of your organisation, we offer the exact suitable degree of resilience.

Benefits of you being Cyber Resilient

  • Future proof
    Cyber legislation will be imposed to more and more companies over time; start today be ready for tomorrow.
  • No brand damage
    Companies suffer both financially and socially from hacks, therefore lowering the probability of being hacked makes your company and brand suffer less.
  • Attractive supplier
    By being cyber resilient your services and company will be favoured over other companies to do business with.
  • Reduced liability
    In case of hacks or cyber crime companies that took no precautions are more likely to be severely penalized by authorities.
  • No more sleepless nights
    Every company is a potential target, but you will have the comfort of knowing you are resilient.

Key Changes in NIS2

Additional Affected Sectors

NIS2 expands the number of covered sectors from 7 to a total of 15 to protect more vital areas of society.

Rigid Criteria

NIS2 dramatically increases the requirements for enforcing cybersecurity..

Severe Consequences

In addition to heavy fines, NIS2 non-compliance can also lead to legal ramifications for management teams.

NIS2 compliant
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