All you need to know about the new Cyber Security Directive NIS2

Network and Information Security 2 (NIS2)

NIS2 Reporting Obligation

The ‘Network and Information Security Directive 2’ in short NIS2 is a European Union (EU) directive aimed at enhancing cybersecurity across member states by establishing a common framework for network and information security. NIS2 builds upon the original NIS Directive, which came into effect in 2016, and represents an updated and expanded approach to cybersecurity regulation within the EU.

The NIS2 directive encompasses various provisions designed to strengthen the resilience of critical infrastructure and digital service providers against cyber threats. It extends the scope of regulated entities defined in NIS1 to include additional sectors, such as online marketplaces, search engines, and social networks. Furthermore it has new requirements for risk management and reporting.

To this purpose Proteon can provide you with full 360-reports of your organisation’s information security and cyber resilience status. These reports not only take your own organisation’s components into account but also bring your suppliers’ components in scope. Together this gives you a full overview of your cyber resilience. Our reports may be used as proof towards your customers as well as proof towards legal supervising body.

Key Changes in NIS2

Additional Affected Sectors

NIS2 expands the number of covered sectors from 7 to a total of 15 to protect more vital areas of society.

Rigid Criteria

NIS2 dramatically increases the requirements for enforcing cybersecurity..

Severe Consequences

In addition to heavy fines, NIS2 non-compliance can also lead to legal ramifications for management teams.

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