How to not lose your mind, when data gets lost

You probably never thought about it, but what would happen if your website got hacked and wiped clean? What would you do? Who would you contact? And most importantly, would you be able to recover? Similar questions could be asked for scenarios about losing your laptop, your tablet or your phone. Even though you may assume these will never happen to you, it is valuable to think about these scenarios before they happen. Even more valuable would be to make sure you got things covered in case things go bad.

Every organisation has sensitive data, ranging from products, through sales figures, revenue and profit margins to employees’ personal identifiable information. These get stored, of course. But where? In a tool, online, by a third party? Then, what would happen if they get hacked and your data is no longer accessible or even worse got permanently deleted?

Backups, backups and backups

The solution is simple: make sure you have backups. But mind you that it is vital you get the correct type of backups created. A lot of vendors offer backups based on snapshots. One can think of these as a picture freezing in an application, its dependencies, the state and your data all together. Often these snapshots have vendor specific configuration inside, thereby making them only restorable on a similar infrastructure, i.e. with the same vendor. Now imagine this vendor is unavailable due to a hack, you won’t be able to get your backup restored somewhere else…

Having backups created by the same vendor as your application is running at, is actually not good practice anyway. If this vendor gets hacked by people with malicious intend, one of the first things they will do is delete all backups. Even off-site backups created by the same vendor are not safe in this case.

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Secure Backups

We are here to help you assess your situation. Together with you, we evaluate the different scenarios and risks. Based on our findings we recommend the most suitable backup solution to you. Thereby making sure only the right data is contained within the backups, that all data is encrypted and gets stored with a different vendor than the one offering the application that the data originated from. Making you never have to worry again about losing data indefinitely.

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