The Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) has introduced a cutting-edge malware analysis system, Malware Next-Gen, designed to streamline threat detection and empower cyber defense efforts. This system enables organizations to submit malware samples and suspicious artifacts for comprehensive analysis, enhancing collaboration and strengthening cybersecurity nationwide.


Key Features:

  • Enhanced Scalability: Malware Next-Gen offers advanced malware analysis on a scalable platform, ensuring it can meet the increasing demands of future workloads.
  • Automated Analysis: The integrated system automates the analysis of newly identified malware, providing timely and actionable intelligence to network defenders.
  • Multilevel Containment: With multilevel containment capabilities, the system can automatically analyze potentially malicious files or URLs, enhancing cyber defense efforts.
  • Collaborative Approach: CISA analysts and operations community members can utilize the system to share cyber threat insights and collaborate effectively with partners.

Quote from Eric Goldstein, CISA Executive Assistant Director for Cybersecurity: “Effective and efficient malware analysis is essential for detecting and preventing malicious software from compromising organizational systems. Malware Next-Gen represents a significant advancement in CISA’s commitment to bolstering national cybersecurity. Our automated system enables threat hunting analysts to analyze, correlate, and share cyber threat insights rapidly, ensuring the protection of critical systems and infrastructure.”

System Impact:

  • Since its launch, Malware Next-Gen has been available to .gov and .mil organizations, resulting in the identification of approximately 200 suspicious or malicious files and URLs.
  • Nearly 400 registered users have submitted over 1,600 files, demonstrating the system’s effectiveness in identifying potential threats.

How to Get Involved:

  • All organizations, security researchers, and individuals are encouraged to register and submit suspected malware for analysis through Malware Next-Gen.
  • Visit the Malware Next-Generation Analysis page for more information on registration and submission procedures.
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