CVS Group plc, a leading provider of veterinary services, announces the recent detection and interception of a cyber incident involving unauthorised external access to a limited number of its IT systems. Upon uncovering the incident, CVS swiftly implemented measures to isolate and contain the threat, including temporarily taking its IT systems offline as part of the Group’s response strategy. While these actions have successfully prevented further external access to CVS systems, they have incurred significant operational disruption over the past week. Specialist third-party consultants have been engaged to investigate the nature and extent of the incident and to bolster the Group’s response efforts. CVS has also proactively notified relevant authorities, including the Information Commissioner’s Office, given the potential risk of unauthorized access to personal information. Despite the challenges posed by the incident, CVS has remained steadfast in delivering high-quality clinical care to clients and patients at the majority of its practices. While IT services have been securely restored across most of the estate, heightened security measures and monitoring may cause some systems to operate less efficiently than before, resulting in ongoing operational impacts. In response to the incident, CVS is expediting its plans to migrate its practice management system and related IT infrastructure to the Cloud. This move aims to enhance security across the Group’s estate while also driving operational efficiencies. However, the security enhancements and planned migration may impact operations for several weeks. The forensic analysis of the incident is ongoing, and CVS remains committed to taking all necessary steps to safeguard its business. The Group pledges to provide further updates as the situation develops. CVS extends its gratitude to all colleagues for their support and professionalism in maintaining veterinary services throughout this challenging period.
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