Cybernews reported the largest data breach to date. The leak referred to as ‘The Mother of all breaches’ (MOAB for short) is almost certainly the largest data breach ever discovered. Probably 26 billion records from companies such as LinkedIn, Dropbox, Telegram, Canva and X (formerly Twitter) were leaked.

The major leak was discovered by cybersecurity researcher Bob Dyachenko and the Cybernews team. The database is no less than 12 terabytes in size and was discovered on an unsecured page. The researchers found that the problem behind the leak was most likely a ‘firewall misconfiguration’. Furthermore they indicated that it is unlikely that its owner will ever be identified.

The leak is worrying because ‘the leaked data contains much more information than just login details’. It is not stated exactly which sensitive data is involved. In addition, the MOAB contains information from previous data leaks.

Extremely dangerous data set
Cybernews reports that the researchers consider the dataset ‘extremely dangerous’ because the collected data can be used for a wide range of attacks. Think of identity theft, advanced phishing, targeted cyber attacks and unauthorized access to personal and sensitive accounts.

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