reported that EuroParcs has found a data breach in the secure digital environment of the holiday park group. It is not clear to what extent customer data has been leaked. The company is investigating the incident. The company asks customers and relations to be extra alert to spam and phishing messages. The data breach may have caused certain information to end up in the wrong hands.

“In the event of data leaks, there are increased risks of misuse of personal data,” EuroParcs says. “Always use strong passwords and change them periodically. Also be vigilant against identity fraud.”

EuroParcs sells holiday homes to private individuals and business investors. The company also rents out homes and has several holiday parks in Europe, including the Netherlands.

The leak was quickly found, the company reports. It then immediately took the affected part of the IT environment offline. A backup was then used to restore those systems and associated data. EuroParcs has also informed the Dutch Data Protection Authority of the leak.

In any case, EuroParcs says it is certain that the reservation system has not been affected. According to the company, customers can therefore make reservations safely. The newsletter database is also not affected. The company says it will provide potentially affected customers and relations with more information as soon as possible.

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