Last week it was time for the fifth and last conference of this year. Lex and Emma flew to Munich for the December edition of DevOpsCon 2018. As we learned during the Welcome Reception for Speakers and Sponsors on Monday night, DevOpsCon takes place multiple times a year. The biggest edition is usually in Berlin, but Munich certainly did not disappoint us. The organization (S&S Media) promised that once you sponsor DevOpsCon you usually stick around for next year too and they do deserve a compliment for organizing one of the best conferences we have been to so far. 

Unfortunately, we can not share any information about the topics that were discussed during the conference since sponsors were not allowed to attend sessions. What we can do is share our overall thoughts about DevOpsCon and tell you why you should definitely attend it at least once. 

During the two day conference which was held at the lovely Westin Grand Hotel, we met many developers, architects, and team managers. An interesting mix and talking to them gave us a clue of how people in different layers of an organization look at and use Kubernetes.

Several months ago we had to explain the benefits of Kubernetes but that seems ages ago. Now almost everyone is using and testing Kubernetes or preparing for it. This means that it is time for us to move to the next challenge: explaining the benefits of OpenShift (preferably As a Service). 

There were some interesting conversations, mostly about the differences between Kubernetes and Openshift, and why you should use it As a Service. We noticed three important stages at the moment: 

  1. Some attendees have heard of OpenShift but do not know what it is; 
  2. Others are looking into OpenShift but have not used it yet; 
  3. Very few started working with OpenShift instead of Kubernetes. 

With live demo’s, use cases and flyers we explained the key elements of OpenShift. Are you interested in one of these as well? Get in touch with our Sales department or request a live demo. 


As at every conference we also had a LEGO Container Yard give-away. And this time we gave away even two LEGO boxes! One during the official and live DevOpsCon raffle and one to one of the leads we scanned during the event. Enjoy building guys!

We hope you enjoyed DevOpsCon as much as we did and maybe we will see each other next year.