The biggest Drupal conference in Europe is starting soon! Over 1600 Drupal enthusiasts will gather in Darmstadt from 10 – 14 September. The goal of the conference is to give the Drupal community a platform where they can tackle challenges together and engage in order to make Drupal grow as a technology, community, and brand.

During the event, 10 industry tracks focus on real-life case studies and success stories alongside new best practices. And that’s why we will be there as well.   

Kubernetes has been a ‘best practice’ for developing on containers for quite some time now. Whether you are working with Python, Java or Drupal. You can code and deploy with any language on Proteon’s Container Platform. To share our knowledge on developing with Drupal on Kubernetes, we decided to become a sponsor of Drupal Europe 2018. Come by our booth to sign up for the free trial, watch our live demo or win your very own Lego Container Yard. We’d love to share our experiences with you.