Proteon now offers Kubernetes as a Service in its purest form: running on bare metal servers.

Kubernetes is the third generation container management system developed by Google to run Google’s applications in the most efficient and most cost-effective way. It was originally designed to run applications on physical servers, but most IAAS providers run Kubernetes on their virtualization layer. Proteon thinks that this is both technically inefficient and unnecessarily expensive. Reports indicate that running containers on bare metal yields 25%-900% more performance.

Virtual machines do add an extra level of security, but Proteon chose Red Hat OpenShift to run Kubernetes because the OpenShift platform provides the needed security hardening. On top of that, Proteon augments OpenShift with backup, monitoring and reporting.

“Kubernetes is the future of hosting” says Lex van Sonderen, General Manager of Proteon. “Until now, hosting was system-centric, but Kubernetes makes hosting application-centric. Therefore, application owners no longer have to worry about technology, uptime and deployments. Instead, application owners can focus on resource consumption and cost.”

Proteon offers Kubernetes as a Service in the following forms:

  • Container Lab – self-service managed OpenShift where users manage their OpenShift projects and where applications may even run as root;
  • Container Playground – self-service managed OpenShift where users manage their OpenShift projects themselves;
  • Container Vault – fully managed OpenShift, where OpenShift projects are managed by the Operations team of Proteon.

Container Lab, Playground and Vault are available with a flexible pay-per-use model or as Private Clusters.

Proteon has 25 years of experience in providing managed hosting for Linux applications. Our developers used their experience to create a container engine on top of OpenShift that closes the gap between users and the container software. Proteon’s headquarter is based in the Netherlands and therefore handles your data according to the European GDPR. We are a certified ISO27001 and NEN5710 company and ensure our customers that security and safety are our top priorities.

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