We’re proud to announce that as of this month, we are a member of the Linux Foundation (LF) and Cloud Native Computer Foundation (CNCF). By signing a membership deal with the LF and CNCF, Proteon can be found beside the world’s largest public cloud and enterprise software companies and other innovative startups. We are thrilled to be accepted into the community of cloud-native companies and supporters.

Since using open-source software is in our DNA, teaming up with the LF and CNCF was an obvious step to take in giving back to the cloud-native community. We believe that the best results come from cooperation and are excited to support and contribute to the projects of the CNCF. First things first, we will start with sharing what we learned when building our Container Engine.

Why is it important to support the Linux Foundation and Cloud Native Computer Foundation? 

The CNCF is an open-source software foundation committed to making cloud-native computing more common and sustainable. They believe that cloud-native technologies enable developers to build greater products faster. And so do we. Currently, the CNCF serves as a home for GitHub projects like Kubernetes, Prometheus, and Envoy. By encouraging collaboration between developers, end users, and vendors they create an environment where the GitHub projects can thrive. 

The ultimate goal of the CNCF is to shape the evolution of technologies that segment applications into microservices, dynamically orchestrates containers and package each part into its own container. The members of the foundation are driving innovation across the container stack, while they are joined by their peers in helping to build and shape the cloud-native ecosystem.

The LF follows the same principles. Founded in 2000, the LF supports open-source communities and projects by provisioning them with financial and intellectual resources, infrastructure, services, events, and training. Investing in this foundation is an investment in the creation of shared technology. Although the LF started out as a support net for the world’s largest Open Source software project, Linux, it is now fostering innovation in every layer of the software stack.

Benefits for our customers 

By engaging and collaborating with the membership community, we will be able to enhance our products. Our developments will be interoperable in the future and they will be compatible with any cloud-native platform of orchestrated containers. Our membership will allow us to initiate enhancements and extension to help shape the future of cloud-native technology. Last but not least, we will be able to learn with and from the large community of LF and CNCF members during training, meetups, and conferences. 


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