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Cyber Security Solutions to empower organisations and Small and Medium size enterprises (SME) to achieve and sustain cyber resilience.

Resilience Analysis

Know your Cyber Security State with our personalized tools, such as pen-testing, vulnerability scanning and reporting.

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Resilience Boost

Address you Cyber Security issues with ease.

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No target, but still a honey pot

Does your organisation have an online presence, e.g. a website, a LinkedIn profile or a Facebook page? Did you ever realise that there is probably more information contained within than what meets the eye? Did you ever consider the impact of some stranger gaining access, changing content or worse shutting it down?

Although an online presence may not seem vital to your organisation at first glance (i.e. your organisation will run fine for a while without it), it being hacked or being used to attack others, may have severe impact on the reputation of your brand and organisation no matter its size.

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NIS2 compliant

NIS2 compliance

More sectors will become NIS2 compliant, what does it mean for you?

The NIS2 directive is stricter in requirements and broader in scope, it affects not only large businesses in the 15 most critical sectors in Europe, but also Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) who are part of their supply chain, with our free tool you can find out now to what extend you should become cyber resilient, so that you remain competitive and ensure your business continuity.

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Your organisation is a potential cyber target

In general it is assumed that only large companies are targeted by cybercriminals. This is not true. Corporates and large organisations usually have large budgets to spend on information security, making them robust information fortresses that are hard to penetrate. These days it is way more attractive for cybercriminals to focus on smaller organisations and SMEs because their cyber resilience most of the time is not up to par with the latest standards. We help less tech-savvy organisations and SMEs to boost their cyber resilience to comply with, and stay compliant with the latest standards in information security.

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